Theses & Dissertation:

  • Urban landscape in new towns
    by Hany Ayad
  • Housing and energy consumption
    by M.Anwar Fikry
  • Western Libya mountain
    by Ragab Beshir Akra
  • Libyan urban planning
    by Fathi Ragab Markous
  • Coastal urban development
    by Karim Hassan Ezzat
  • Tanta historical center
    by Ayman Gamal Ahmed
  • The role of controlling the configurations of urban open spaces in upgrading the urban environment
    by Khaled Al Sayed Al Hagla
  • Development of desert areas
    by Yousri Mostafa Enany
  • The national theater
    by Amal M.Fathallah
  • Urban conservation and heritage
    by Yasser Galal Aref
  • Environmental and touristic development of the gulf of Akaba
    By Sameh M.Shabaan
  • Project management and building economics
    by Baher M.Salama

    Urban design criteria of Islamic cities
    by M.Rafic Zaher
  • Comparative studies of environmental performance of housing developments in the western desert
    by Hani El Sayed Ali
  • Permanent values of architectural and urban design
    by Mohamed Anwar Fikry
  • Landscape of urban spaces
    by Hassan Ali Salem
  • Lighting in architecture
    by Nagwa Zaki
  • Urban spaces in city centers
    by Hassan Abd El Slam
  • The Turkish district in Alexandria study of El Gomrok
    by Asseem M.Hanafy
  • Planning and design of airports
    by Ahmed Okail
  • Environmental impact assessment of industrial parks
    by Niven Hamza
  • Urban transportation planning , a proposed efficient planning system , a decision oriented approach
    by Ali Fouad Bakr
  • Environmental aspects in the planning and design of the Egyptian village
    by Moustafa Simbel
  • Urban commercial centers
    by Alaa El Din Ghaly
  • Health care facilities
    by Aisha El Koly
  • Study of internal spaces in housing
    by M.Abd El Sattar El Banna
  • Development of urban centers (Study of Rosetta)
    by Ali M. Bayoumi
  • The effect of public polices on housing in Egypt
    by Khaled M.Hiba
  • Upgrading of deteriorating districts in urban centers , study of old Cairo
    by Adham Osman
  • Preservation of urban communities in Alexandria
    by Yasser A. Khamis
  • Touristic development of coastal areas
    by Ibtihal El Bastawisi
  • Informal housing in Egypt
    by Moustafa El Arabi
  • Factors affecting the housing sector in Alexandria
    by Alaa El Din Sarhan
  • Decision making process in urban planning
    by Yossri M. Enani
  • Solar Energy and Architecture.
    by Shams El Din Asawy.
  • Factors affecting Housing Architectural Style (Climatic - Natural - Construction)
    by Youssri Abdel Kader Azzam.
  • The Urban Solving of Overcrowded Areas.
    by Essam El din Bdran.
  • The Evolving of Building Industry .
    by Ahmed Essam Ali Mabrouk Shaoot.
  • Visiual Impression.
    by Tarek Houssni Moahmoud Hassan Hemdan.
  • Industrial Planning and its Influnce on the Urban Comunities.
    by Mona Saleh Hassan Moustafa El Basha.



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