In The Name of God The Merciful The Compassionate


           I wish to share with all my friends and people everywhere, far and near, in Egypt, throughout the region and around the world, this resume of my background, experiences and accomplishments during more than four decades.The panoramic reel of posts, positions, plans, projects and visions with demanding hardwork, dedication and involving commitments has been totally absorbing. It has been also equally gratifying and fulfilling at the academic arena, as well as the architectural and planning career, whether in public service in Egypt, or in cooperation with the United Nations.I do recognize with pride my close collaboration with UNESCO during nearly two decades of total devotion to the Revival of the international dream of rebuilding the famed Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the universal beacon of knowledge, the star of the rotunda of world wonders.I am wholly indebted and personally grateful to all my family members, friends, colleagues and students, whose help, support and encouragement will indeed truly remain in my heart and mind indeliblly memorable.

All thanks be to GOD Almighty for his divine inspiration and multitudinal blessings , without which nothing could have been realized. Any success, or achievment whatsoever, is owing to the profound teachings and guidance of my great parents, teachers and professors, as well as my colleagues, throughout my educational and professional life. Any error, imperfection, negligence or
disappointment, I shoulder myself. I am only to blame for and solely carry this burden. Certainly, I would appreciate receiving any comments or reflections concerning this resume or its content.
It is my only hope, with due humility, that this colorful, panoramic window of life experiences may help contribute, in a tiny measure, to a better future and to a greater civility and civilization-building for all mankind in my homeland,Egypt, and around the universe.
In the meantime, I would certainly appreciate receiving any comments or reflections concerning this site or its content .

May GOD Almighty help, guide and bless us all .......





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